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...Back in 2003, (we think), a couple of guys, members of the 'Three Men In A Boat' folk band, were having a drink together in The Crown public house in Stockton.
The genial host, Pat O'Flynn, loved music and particularly Irish folk music, and the conversation moved to the idea of starting a folk club in the barn at the back of the pub. 
Back then, The Barn was somewhat 'rustic', and on a cold November's evening the first
'Folk In The Barn' took place. Even with a big log fire, guitarists wore mittens and steam from their warm breath filled the air as they sang.
The fire was now lit and soon Pat had the builders in to transform the place into a far more attractive, yet still rustic, room and it became home of 'Folk In The Barn' on the last Tuesday of the month for over 10 years. Each month it was hosted by one of the members of 'Three Men In A Boat', even during line-up changes in the band.  
All good things come to an end and that happened to TMIAB in 2014, and three of that line-up reformed as 'AWTF' - 'Away With The Fairies' and continued to run the club at The Crown in a new style as requested by Pat.
Sadly, early in 2015, Pat O'Flynn died and is now buried in the family plot in Ireland, alongside his wife June who pre-deceased him.  
As a sign of respect,the club did not open for a few months. In the summer of 2015 (did we have one?) we were offered the use of the function room in The Nelson Club just 100 yards (Irish yards or metres) from the pub, which has proved extremely popular with artists and audience alike.
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